Where did the name Tiganjica came from?

We used to live on property near Stajićevo. It was camp, "Tiganjica", where it used to be a place for making movies. Like some old people said, that place had shape like frying pan and when it rains there was no drop of watter all around the place and in the opposite. My dogs were there sprout and my kennel is named after that place, which is registrated 1988. in FCI no. 2777.




 I got my first German shepherd in far 1982. Rea was a completly black puppy and that is how it all began. I remember my first show like it was yesterday, where my Rea got three, but I was to happy because she got a medal. I was very persistent. I matted Rea several times with different good dogs of that time, I bought dogs from the best breeders of that time but always something went wrong: or teeths, or testicals, or they don't raise their ears. I got all that until 1988. year. In the meantime I followed development of German shepherds, collected literature, I went to shows, I watched other dogs, anathomy, walks...
Recently after that I meet deceased Mirko Krtinic who bring female shepherd in that time from Czechoslovakia. Because of the circumstance, Mirko matted that female with Atlas (the son of famouse Lassa Di Val Solle). From that brood, he saved a beautiful female shepherd which name was Gora Mirela.
In the middle of 1988. , Gora was matted with Eiko Vom Kirschental, world champion from that time. From that brood I took two females: Amanda and Alex Mirela. They were first high - quality females at my house, with their blood and with their look and that was my first step to become a real German shepherd breeder.



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